Water Delivery in Malaysia

Tap water in Malaysia is not always of the best quality for drinking. Pipes that transport the water to taps are sometimes old and rusted, contaminating the water with heavy metals and disease-causing pathogens. Boiling and filtering tap water at home can remove some impurities, but it is not always possible to get pure drinking water through these methods. If you are still wondering is Malaysia's tap water is safe to drink, read our article about it.

Water delivery companies have special equipment that purifies water on different levels. Purified water from these companies has been treated for heavy metals, microorganisms, and even excess mineral salts that cause the water to be hard. The water is packaged in plastic bottles and delivered, so they don’t have to pass through pipes to reach the home.

What is water delivery?

Companies that supply purified water have a system in place to have the water delivered to homes. The purified water is packaged in bottles of different sizes and capacities so that people can order what suits them the best. A lot of homes that use purified water on a daily basis opt for larger bottles of water that can carry five gallons (19lt) of water. Alternatively, if there are table-top water dispensers set up in a home,

then smaller bottles up to one and half gallons (6lt) can be ordered. There is also the option of ordering 500ml and 1.5lt bottles of water for individual use or to carry when on the move.

A water delivery service will deliver the water in the quantity you want usually within 3 working day of placing your order. Some companies only deliver water while other companies also set up water dispensers and offer regular servicing. A good water delivery service will help you to attach the large bottle of water to your dispenser and carry back the empty water bottle for reuse.

The benefit of water delivery

There are several benefits to having drinking water delivered to your home; these include:

- Safe drinking water: Regardless of whether the tap water has harmful chemicals, bacteria or particulate matter, you will always have clean and pure water that is safe to drink.

- Minimum effort: When drinking water is delivered to your doorsteps, you do not need to put in the extra effort of boiling your water or ensuring that your filters are clean and not clogged up.

- Time-saving: With the water being delivered to you, you save time in terms of having to go out and get it for yourself.

- Convenience: It is a lot more convenient to have large bottles of water brought to your home and office than to have to go out and buy them yourself.

- Environmental friendly: By using one large bottle of water for a longer period of time, you can avoid buying several smaller bottles of water. Using fewer plastic bottles is more environmentally friendly.

RO water supplier Malaysia

RO or reverse osmosis is a process that filters water at a molecular level. Water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane using pressure to filter out impurities. The semi-permeable membrane has very tiny pores that can prevent bacteria and even mineral salts from passing through. The water that comes out on the other side of the membrane is extremely pure and of good quality for drinking.

RO water suppliers in Malaysia deliver this pure and safe drinking water directly to you. The RO suppliers in Malaysia can bring large bottles of purified water and hook them up to the water dispenser in your home or at the office. The water supplied by RO water suppliers in Malaysia tastes very pure and does not cause illnesses or heavy metal poisoning.

Mineral water supplier Malaysia

Mineral water is water that is sourced directly from natural springs. Because the water got from the springs is so pure, it can be consumed without further treatment. However, all good mineral water companies should test the spring water before packaging and selling it. Spring water should be tested for heavy metals, bacteria, and chemical fertilizer runoff from agricultural processes. Mineral water has a lot of salts dissolved in it. When the mineral content in the water is too high, the taste of the water gets affected, and it is not fit for drinking. Mineral water companies should ensure that the water supplied has the right balance of minerals. If you would like learn more about Jantzen mineral water content.

Mineral water suppliers in Malaysia bring pure, potable mineral water to your doorstep. The water that is packaged in bottles can be attached to a water dispenser making it convenient for use. Mineral water suppliers in Malaysia deliver the packaged mineral water to homes and offices and usually do so within 3 working days of an order being placed. For offices where consumption of water is higher, several large bottles of mineral water can be supplied at one time to ensure a continuous supply without needing to place orders every few days.

Finding a good RO water supplier and mineral water supplier in Malaysia

When trying to find a good water supplier in Malaysia, there are a few points you should consider:

- Does the water supplier in Malaysia deliver in your area?

- Does the water supplier in Malaysia deliver RO water as well as mineral water or just one type?

- Does the water supplier in Malaysia help to install the bottle in the dispenser?

- Does the water supplier in Malaysia collect the empty water bottles as well?

- And most importantly, does the water supplier in Malaysia deliver good quality drinking water.

A company that purifies water could have their own delivery system or tie up with a company that delivers the water for them. You can always ask around in your area to find out which is the most preferred purified water brand and what their delivery services are like.

There are several water suppliers in Malaysia. Some water suppliers can also set up a tank in your home that can be filled on fewer occasions. The tank can be connected via a pipe to a tap in your kitchen sink so that you have RO or mineral water on tap all the time.

Jantzen is a water supplier in Klang Valley, Malaysia. The ISO-certified and Superbrand-recognized company delivers RO water, mineral water, distilled water, and filtered water of the highest quality. Jantzen will not only set up the water bottles in the dispenser but will also collect the empty bottles for your added convenience.

Get in touch with Jantzen for all your water delivery needs in the Klang Valley. You may call us at 1300 88 1313, or fill up this form and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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