Water Tasting Is a Thing

Not all water is created equally! Find out what makes your water taste better or worse and how much people are paid to know the difference!

Most of you reading this likely see water as a necessity rather than a luxury. After all,

there’s so much else you could be gulping down instead of just plain old water.

What if I told you that some people treat water as seriously as they treat wine? That

people will pay good money just to sample different grades of water the same way

others would pay to sample wine? That there’s a course you can take to become a

certified ‘Water Sommelier’?

Sound like a load of baloney? Well sit tight and we’ll teach you a thing or two about

the growing world of water tasting.

But Water Tastes Like Water!

Well you aren’t wrong about that. But even the water you drink can be divided into

grades and levels. After all, doesn’t boiled water always taste a little bit different than

normal room temperature water? This isn’t just a happy accident either. Water is more

than just H2O; it can contain minerals and gases in differing quantities depending on

where they are sourced from. Boiling the water results in those gases escaping to the

air, resulting in a ‘flat’ taste.

So how do you restore the flavor of boiled water? Simple! Just pour it back and forth

between two containers to aerate it 1 ! Tadaa!

There Are Water Menus

Here’s where what separates the normal folk from those with discerning tastes. You

see, the flavor in a glass of water is determined by its contents 2 ; those minerals and

dissolved gases. Which means that water sourced from the Himalayas would taste

different from water from say, a ground spring in your backyard.

And there are those who care about those differences! In Los Angeles for example,

there is a restaurant and bar that offers its customers a 45-page Water Menu 3 from

which they can choose from a variety of different waters from ten different countries!

Expect to pay between RM30 to RM60 for a single bottle here!

Here’s an example of how a bottle of Evian is described in the menu:

This water begins as rain and melt - water filtering down through sandstone and gravel in the French Alps. It takes 15 years for the water to pass through the mountain before rising to the spring, along the way it picks up calcium and magnesium producing a slightly bitter, unique taste that you will either love or hate.

‘Water Sommelier’ Is A Legit Job

Many fine dining premises employ a sommelier, or wine steward. These men or

women are trained wine professional who can recommend you the right kind of

beverage to go with that delicious steak you ordered. So, it just seems natural that

with a discerning taste, you’d need a water sommelier too, right?

As a matter of fact, the Water Sommelier Union 4 serves this niche, training and

providing accreditation to individuals who love their water so much, they want to be

able to tell you the differences! Martin Riese, the water sommelier who crafted the

above menu has this to say:

We are already accustomed to pairing food with wine or beer, but many people don't know that water is just as important to the entire dining experience.

Thinking of becoming one? That may not be such a bad idea. In Taiwan where water

tasting is such a niche field with few qualified experts, water sommeliers can earn over

RM3,500 5 just for a single event!

Quality Water is a Growing Market

As consumers grow more perceptive about the quality of water they consume daily,

businesses are rising to match their needs. A report by Zion Market Research 6

estimated the global bottled water market would hit RM1.1 trillion in 2020, compared

to RM668 billion in 2014. In 2016, bottled water sales beat soda for the first time in

history in the US 7 . More and more people are starting to sit up and take notice of the

benefits a good bottle of water imparts over other sugary drinks.

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