Why You Should Use a Water Dispenser

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Water is a necessity for our survival. Fresh, clean drinking water is vital for our health and well-being. It is not always possible to get potable water from our main water lines, and in a lot of cases, water can be contaminated with particulate matter or disease-causing bacteria. In other cases, direct tap water might be too warm during summer and even frozen in the cold winter months. So, what is the solution to having good quality drinking water at the perfect temperature all year round?

One of the most convenient solutions to the water dilemma is a water dispenser. Not having water is not an option, so the best thing to do is to be equipped with a system that provides good quality water at the preferred temperature. A water dispenser is a system that can do all these things. Homes, offices, public places like malls and restaurant, can all be fitted with water dispensers that effectively take care of our need for sufficient drinking water.

What is a water dispenser?

A water dispenser is a piece of equipment that collects water from a source and dispenses through a tap or spigot. There are different types of water dispensers, and these vary based on the type of water source and the various functionalities that they offer. Water dispensers are also classified based on size and whether they are fixed or movable.

Here Are The Different Types Of Water Dispensers Malaysia

Point of use water dispenser (Direct Pipe-in Dispenser)

A point of use water dispenser (Direct pipe-in Dispenser) is fixed in position and cannot be moved for customers who prefer dispensers that do not require bottled water. The source of water for this kind of water dispenser comes from the main pipeline, like that of a kitchen sink. Among point of use water dispensers, there are types with different functionalities. Some water dispensers only filter water and dispense it at its original temperature.

Other types of point of use water dispensers not only filter the water but also have individual heating and cooling features. These types of water dispensers have two separate tanks- one in which a heating system raises the temperature of the water and the other in which a refrigeration system cools the water. There can also be a third tank which keeps water at its regular temperature. There can be two or three water outlets, and users can choose whether they want hot, cold or ambient temperature water. Water can be dispensed through the outlets by pressing a button or by turning a knob.

A point of use water dispenser (Direct Pipe-In Dispenser) requires electricity to function. The main advantage of a point of use water filter is that there is an unlimited flow of water.

Jantzen direct pipe in dispenser water is drawn from the pipes and into dispensers with filter elements attached to run through a 4-step purification system to ensure the water is safe for consumption.

Step 1 – Sediment PP Filter

Impurities such as dirt, rust, hair, etc will be removed through the sediment PP filter.

Step 2 – Carbon Filter

Water is run through a carbon filter to help remove chlorine, bad odour, and other agricultural chemicals and pollution.

Step 3 – Silver Carbon Filter

Water is run through a silver carbon filter to help remove volatile organic chemicals and other harmful matters such as pesticides and herbicides, etc. that is regularly found in tap water.

Step 4 – Hollow Fibre Membrane (UF membrane)

Finally, water is run through the centre of a hollow membrane to help remove bacteria and viruses available in the water source. This unique membrane works from within to ensure a consistent supply of water is available, regardless of the inlet quality.

There are 3 types of direct pipe-in water filtration systems available to suit respective customers’ needs in accordance of water temperature and dispenser aesthetics.

Bottled water dispenser

A bottled water dispenser has two main parts. The first part is the receptacle that has storage tanks, the water outlets, and a section that holds the bottle. The second part is a large pre-filled bottle of water that is fitted upside down onto the base and supplies the water.

Just like a point of use water dispenser, the bottled water dispenser also has different functionalities. The water that is contained in the bottle is usually already purified, so these types of water dispensers do not need to have an additional filtration system. These water dispensers, however, do still have the ability to heat water, cool the water or keep it at its ambient temperature.

Similar to the point of use water dispenser, the bottled water dispenser has separate storage tanks where water can be heated, cooled or left as it is. The bottled water dispenser can have between one to three water outlets depending on the temperature of water dispensed.

Bottled water dispensers can range in size with the smaller ones (6 Litre) being just right for placing on a tabletop or mini dispenser, while the larger ones (19 Litre) can be placed on the floor. They can be moved from one place to another. These types of dispensers will require electricity if they have the heating and cooling function, but some basic models, which only dispense room temperature water, can run without a power source.

The main advantage of a bottled water dispenser is that it provides clean drinking water even in places where there is no piped water or the tap water is unsuitable for drinking.

However, the water supply to these dispensers is limited to the capacity of the bottle, which is usually about five gallons (19 Litre). When the water runs out, the bottle will have to be replaced with a fresh one.

But how does Jantzen prepare the RO water in 19L? As we service up to 300 accounts daily, all 19L water bottles used to contain the Jantzen RO Water will run through a stringent process before it is reused after collection from the consumers. See below to learn more.

19L bottles are collected from the customer during the delivery process Bottles are checked for damages and degradation.

(Damaged and degraded bottles are disposed, and new bottles are brought into use) The exterior of the bottles is thoroughly cleaned Hot water and food grade detergent is used to wash the bottles inside and out Fresh RO water is used to rinse the interior parts of the bottles 19L bottles are packed and ready for delivery the following day.

Benefits of using a water dispenser

The main advantages of using a water dispenser include:

  1. Clean and filtered water can be conveniently accessed anywhere at any time. A point of use water dispenser (Direct Pipe-In Dispenser) can be fitted to a pipeline and provide filtered water, or a bottled water dispenser can provide purified bottled water.

  2. The temperature of the water can be chosen according to individual preferences. Cold water on hot days and warm water on chilly days are both easily available from a water dispenser. Some water dispensers also have the ability to provide boiling hot water for making tea or coffee.

  3. Using a water dispenser is environmentally friendly as it reduces the use of single-use, individual plastic water bottles. Recyclable paper cups or even a reusable personal cup can be used when drinking water from a water dispenser.

  4. With the water dispenser cooling water, there is no need to use up space in the refrigerator to cool bottles of water.

  5. Buying large size water bottles works out cheaper than buying large quantities of smaller bottles for single use.

Water bottle delivery for the dispenser

A bottled water dispenser will need to have the bottle replaced at regular intervals. In Jantzen, we provides good quality water with the service of hassle free delivery bottles to you. Jantzen installs the bottle and collects the empty bottle for recycling is a better option than one who just delivers the water.

We make sure to have your water dispenser undergo maintenance a few times a year to ensure that it is in good working condition and the filters are replaced if necessary. Contact us now at 1300 88 1313 or send us a request to


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